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The purpose of Pacific International Theological Seminary is to prepare men and women for faithful ministry in Church, society and around the world. Committed to a learned ministry for church and society, the school welcomes qualified students without regard to denomination, race, sex, or physical disabilities. The school seeks to strengthen and deepen the spiritual life of students, and through classroom and other academic activities, to engage them in critical discussions about the Bible and theology with probing questions regarding faith and life in today’s world

With these goals in mind, Pacific International Theological Seminary was established in 2001, upon the conviction and calling of God to become a mission and discipleship center. Since its founding, the school has attracted students from various denominations both in United States and worldwide. They are men and women holding graduate degrees who are denominational leaders, psychologists in Christian counseling, administrators and faculty members of colleges and universities, pastors of churches, evangelists, and radio-television personalities.

Many Pacific International Theological Seminary’s graduates are filling important places of ministry as professors, pastors, missionaries, administrators, and directors of Christian Education and Youth Departments. All graduates of the school are members of the Alumni Association.