Entrance: 1 . Undergraduate   Programs: Each case is considered individually. Prospective students are   advised to contact the Registrar, submitting details of qualifications and   experience. The usual standard for admission is a satisfactory score at one   of the internationally recognized entrance examinations. However, provisional   admission may be agreed to, especially for High School students in upper   grades. As essays are a major part of PacITS course work, it is essential   that all candidates are capable in written expression. The seminary reserves   the right to terminate candidature where the provisional candidate does not   demonstrate such ability.2. To Graduate Programs: The basic entrance   qualification is an approved Bachelors degree or its equivalent from a   University or Tertiary College in any discipline.
Admission Requirements: 1. A completed application   form.
2. Official transcripts from all colleges, universities and seminaries.   (These should be sent directly from the academic institutions to PITS.)
3. A copy of the college or university degree.
4. Three letters of recommendation.
5. A health certificate (International Students Only)
6. Two recent passport photographs (International Students Only) or valid and   current U.S. Identification (i.e. Driver’s License)
Application From now until the new   academic year.
Deadline: The prescribed Application Form and all necessary   documents, photographs, etc., are to be forwarded to the Registrar,   preferably (but not essentially) with a testimony of conversion, and of   continuing Christian commitment. In normal circumstances applications cannot   be processed until all documents are received and it is the student’s   responsibility to ensure that such documents are submitted.Photocopies of documents,   such as transcripts, are acceptable, provided they are certified as actual   copies by a Minister of Religion, a Notary Public, School Principal, or other   official who is normally acceptable as a signatory for Statutory   Declarations.