Financial Aid

Financial Aid

PITS offers a variety of institutional scholarships semi-annually to both incoming and current students for the purpose of achieving better quality of education. The conditions for receiving this assistance differs with each scholarship. Applicants may obtain the information and applications by writing to or visiting the office of student financial assistance. Please note that PITS does not participate in government financial aid programs.


Students cannot be awarded more than one scholarship each semester except in the case of a student employment scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded at the beginning of each semester and the recipients will receive the credit for the amount of scholarship toward the tuition. The total scholarship cannot exceed the tuition that the student should pay.

Student Loans

Student loan resources will be not available for PITS students.

Federal and State Aid

PITS does not provide any Federal or State Government Aid at this time.

Scholarship Applications

Any student who wants to receive financial assistance must submit a scholarship application form at the time of registration each semester. The form will be supplied at registration or can be obtained at the office.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee has a task of screening the awarding scholarships, fund-raising, and managing the fund. The scholarship committee includes the following: President (Chair), Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Business/Administrative Director, Directors of the Board, others whom the Chair recommends.

Procedure of Scholarship Remittance

After the scholarship applications are reviewed and finalized by the Scholarship Committee, the awarded students will be notified. The student must pay all the tuition and fees, and the school pays the scholarship to the student in five working days after the student clears his/her balance due.

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